Powell is a part of the Pan European group of mail order companies ‘Gaerner’. Tinint work with Powell on marketing communications through high impact visuals and storytelling.

With Powell, we have harnessed our unique infrastructure which blends state of the art broadcast facilities with our creative agency skills and multi-lingual services. An example of this was our initial project delivering a 60 second introduction to Powell. We cast on-screen talent to deliver messaging using a blend of green screen video with 3D modelling, motion graphics and full post production services. This was then versioned into 6 languages and sub brands and rolled out under a social media led campaign. As added value, a number of products created in 3D for the video were then exported for re-use in enhancing the online catalogue. Accompanying animated 2D videos were also created to promote and support engagement and usability with the website.


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Working closely with Powell stakeholders our project teams work through the phases of planning and pre-production necessary to ensure the production will yield the best results and value for investment. 

1. Target audience analysis
2. Persona creation
3. Ideas development & storyboarding
4. Scripting and talent casting
5. Crewing and rigging


With many interdependencies and elements to combine, the production phases must be precise in their execution and also flexible enough to accommodate the adaptations required for multi lingual re-versioning

1. Greenscreen studio filming
2. CGI 3D modelling and lighting
3. Animation and compositing
4. Post production edit and dub
5. Voiceover and Language re-versioning

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