Tinint has been working with Principality since 2009 to providing and supporting an internal learning solution known company wide as ‘Your Learning’

Principality is the UK's 7th largest building society with over £6 million assets. A mutual building society owned by and run for the benefit of their 500,000 members, it provides services for savings, investments, mortgages and protection.

Introducing 'Your Learning'

Rolled out in May 2012, 'Your Learning' now has over 1,200 registered users, providing managed access to learning content, policies, compliance information, online assessments, videos and classroom scheduling. Based on the Moodle open source platform, but highly customised to produce a unique solution, users have access to content tailored exactly to their requirements. Content comes from a variety of sources including Tinint, and is brought to life using high quality video, on-screen interactivity and real life scenarios. As a specialist in digital content, we produced a variety of bespoke online courses, videos and assessments. Where beneficial, classroom content has been selectively replaced by on line versions, leaving those best delivered by face to face training more space in the schedule, and freeing up trainers to focus on a more in-depth learning experience for teams.


Delivering value to end user

It was important for Principality that the solution initially focused on user experience rather than technical features. User feedback on the content itself has been very positive, particularly in relation to the use of video, which really brings the material to life. Tinopolis Interactive had significant demonstrable experience in this area, one of the reasons they were selected to deliver this work.

Key features

  • Customised moodle based LMS
  • 1,200+ registered employee users
  • 100+ modules of content
  • Video and Animation
  • Blended learning management tool
  • Bespoke apps integration
  • On-site training and surgery sessions
  • Dedicated secure hosting & support

Delivering value to the business

'Your Learning' has become much more than just a hosted learning solution. In the area of compliance, online assessments have replaced paper based reporting. Centralising reports means that information from across the group can be called up at the touch of a button. Also in reverse, consistent information can be rolled out Group wide quickly and easily, not just for compliance updates, but across all subjects. The indelible data stored in the reports enables Principality to provide evidence for compliance purposes, should an audit be requested.

Centralised reports also enable users to keep track of their own progress through the training plan. Managers and team leaders are given enhanced access to reports about their team's activity, making it easier to manage their training requirements and business objectives.

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