A pioneering relationship in delivering distance learning. Our simulated scenarios delivered through a formal e-learning context takes the student closer to reality at a fraction of the time or cost. A true win-win for both student and college. 

e-Learning solutions

A division of UCL, Tinint were approached by Eastman institute of Dental education concerning the feasibility of integrating distance learning into their courses. After initial consultation and first hand insight into the face to face delivery methods, we set about designing bespoke learning modules which we felt could be delivered digitally with a number of benefits to both learner and College. Among these was a digital dental photography module. Here we created a virtual digital SLR camera application to allow users to virtually adjust the cameras settings to take and review images of patients mouths. Depending on what settings the learner selected, we fed back the exact image as if taken by an actual camera. This not only saved time in the expense of face to face delivery, but also saved students the expense of purchasing their own cameras to be able to complete the module.   

Eastman eLearning system and content development

Video content...as if you were there.


We were extremely aware of replicating what would traditionally be seen as a face to face only training scenario through digital learning. For this reason we invested our time on-site in dental surgeries watching and learning all the nuances of the practitioners methods to ensure we could replicate the scenarios to a sufficient level. We shot a blend of actual appointments with reconstruction scenes to create clips and sinsights which were crucial to the affective delivery of the e-Learning modules.   

CGI Camera modelling, animation and interactivity

To allow the learners to obtain a detailed insight into a digital SLR camera and to feel that they were interacting with the real thing, we reconstructed a Camera in 3D at high resolution and in meticulous detail. Learners could twist, turn and zoom in to elements of the camera to play with the settings as if they were holding the real thing. 

Eastman CGI Stills
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