As a part of the transition towards thematic education and the government led agenda for creative learning through the Arts, The Arts Council of Wales engaged Tinint to help develop a Digital toolkit of resources in partnership with education Consultants ‘TLC’.


Comprising of a range of exemplar materials, interactive templates and classroom tasks, the materials are designed to address specific aims;

  • Promoting current best practice examples of creative learning through the Arts
  • Equipping teachers with LNF mapped resources and classroom tasks
  • Equipping industry with the knowledge of what schools are trying to achieve
  • Raising awareness to both Schools and Arts organisations of the opportunities and benefits of collaboration
  • To instigate the creation and sharing of new projects and content
  • Fostering a collaborative approach to education between industry and schools.
Arts Council Montage


All materials are free to access and use online or download locally via a dedicated website with an intuitive content management system (CMS) to allow Arts Council staff to add and update content as and when they wish without any reliance on external costs.


The project is a great example of how Tinint proactively add value at both curriculum framework level as well as end user product interfaces, content and resources.

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