As one of Wales’s biggest digital companies, we know too well that there isn’t enough children coding.

Coding skills are in high demand globally, with the demand set to massively increase in the near future. But in Wales, coding is still not seen as a prosperous career. Students, parents and teachers are preferring to take more traditional vocational paths. How can we change this?

We created the BOTio App

BOTio is a Welsh Government commission aimed to increase basic coding skills between 7-12 year olds in Wales.

BOTio is a fun free app designed and developed as a game that appeals to all children.

We wanted to introduce coding in a fun way, guiding the user and making it challenging and rewarding.

Working with our educational experts, we designed the levels to map the new digital curriculum.

As our users help programme BOT to solve tasks, they are learning key coding skills, in a fun and engaging way.

BOTio App

Download it today

Available on iOS and Android App stores for free.

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