Working with Cambridge University is a benchmark on many fronts. Our responsibilities in brand representation as well as digital content delivery are challenges that were not taken lightly. 

The Cambridge University Institute of Continuing Education (IoCE) commissioned Tinint to deliver a complete re-design and re-build of its website in 2010.

The Institute required a modern web presence as a primary marketing and communications tool and later as a service provision. The site’s objectives were initially to attract potential and returning students to IoCE, then to support them through application, enrollment and day to day information. Prior to our engagement, site visitors were hovering just under an average of 1,500 per day and with a wide range of profiles and levels of understanding of the professional development, summer courses, and vocational learning on offer.

Work we carried out

Designing the site required Tinint to think about how to offer a first class user experience to this wide body of online visitors, while integrating the site into fixed parameters set by the University of Cambridge style sheet, and constrained at the back end by a fixed courses database and existing merchant services. Sales are a priority for the Institute management team, while the academic body that owns the content is more geared to research and teaching excellence. This produced a tension which had to be understood, negotiated and productively resolved by Tinint in a trusting and creative partnership whilst not compromising the end result.

  • Full re-design of site architecture, navigation and pages.
  • Front end design/CSS implementation
  • CMS configuration, implementation and testing
  • Advice and training workshops on pictorial content, writing styles, SEO, design, database integrations, CMS management and templating, launch management, and to support the Institute’s push to self-maintain, grow and promote the IoCE brand through the website
ICE Cambridge University

Project outcomes

There were several clear benefits of the re-design. The first was a great increase in user statistics. Visitor numbers climbed rapidly to an initial peak of over 8,000 per day, then settling down at triple the previous daily average. This was due to a mixture of new visitors through SEO, greater accessibility with reduced load times on a wider range of browsers and platforms, and an increase in returning customers through new value added content.

On a brand level the IoCE were unanimous in their contentment with how we upheld and promoted core brand values whilst still offering the flexibility for individual and diverse personas and insights to be discovered.

Finally the benefit which we perceive to be the greatest to IoCE is the longevity of the re-design we undertook. Originally completed in 2010, only now in 2016 are we proposing the next phase of development for their site to adopt a fully responsive front end, and mobile first approach.


Cambridge University Press - Ibox

Cambridge University Press (CUP)

Cambridge University Press engaged us to develop a resource to teach both English and American English to international Primary School children. ‘Primary i-Box’ is a highly interactive resource designed to make learning fun and encourage real communication in the Primary classroom.

‘i-Box’ is a collection of seven teacher-led, multimedia ELT Flash built games and activities. Adapted from the resource books, it is designed to appeal to a range of different teaching and learning styles. It can be used with an interactive whiteboard, a computer, projector and is compatible with both Mac and PC.  The resource is available online and as a network installed application. The resource is modular built permitting ease of content updates and addition of new games.


Professional English Online (PEO)

In late August 2008 CUP approached Tinopolis to develop the new site for Professional English Online, one of their leading English Language Teaching resources. A high profile project, PEO provides information and resources to teachers, students and other professionals with interests in business English and language learning in general. The site features blogs, podcasts, articles, competitions and business English resources.

The editors of the site wanted to submit the site for nomination for important industry recognized awards at the end of September, thus giving us a three to four week window for an entire site rebuild. Our recommended solution was Joomla! which allowed us to work within this schedule as well as to integrate customised functionality for the site.  The benefits of Joomla! delivered reduced production costs for CUP in reversioning the existing site, whilst allowing their editors to update and manage site content with ease post-launch.

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