Tinint have a long standing relationship with Careers Wales. With full lifecycle services from end user research to consultancy, design, architecture, development, launch and support.

We create interactive video and learning content complimented by widgets and tools to help guide and support users in understanding and choosing their skills and career pathways. 
All of our projects for Careers Wales are developed as fully bi-lingual English / Welsh content, examples include;

Quick tips campaign

A series of 10 x Kinetic typography animated videos which offer concise and practical advice and tips for transitioning from education to FE, HE, apprentices and employment. The videos are designed for a multi-platform rollout and social media focused campaign.

Virtual interviewing

A first person interactive learning experience within a job interview scenario. Based on video branching techniques, learner’s responses to the interviewer will affect the path that the interview takes. A fully responsive application for multi-screen/device learning anytime anywhere.

Careers Wales - Virtual Interviewing


An interactive presenter led guide to navigating and interacting with the segments of the Career+ wheel to build up your profile, explore career opportunities, gain industry insight and identify your strengths as well as skills you may need to develop.

Careers Wales - Career+


Workstar consists of 10 interactive teaching modules where teachers can access engaging resources to help them deliver exciting work related education to 7-14 year olds in the classroom. Each module allows the teacher to deliver up to one full day of learning with accompanying lesson plans, activity worksheets and case studies to add value to their teaching.

Workstar - Careers Wales

Industry insights

A series of 3-5 minute video case studies providing insight into companies and job roles across a broad range of industries present in Wales. All shot on location across both rural and urban areas, Each video offer both a realistic sense of what the place of work is like, as well as facts, statistics and opinions from the people that work there.

Careers Wales Learning Hub

Internal learning platform for Careers Wales employees. The LMS serves 500+ employees with profile and role tracked CPD resources such as Health and Safety and Equality and diversity training modules. Tinint designed, deployed and support the LMS as well as produce interactive Learning modules.


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Careers Wales - Learning Hub
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