Working with the best teachers and curriculum experts, we are one of the largest producers of educational resources for the children and young people of Wales

Since 2003, Tinint has been working with the support of the Welsh Government to author, publish and distribute hundreds of digital and print based resources for Welsh schools. A significant framework supplier, we follow a comprehensive process of needs identification, design, development, testing and evaluating every piece of content to ensure we are equipping teachers and mentors with the best possible tools to help raise and maintain standards of education in Wales.

We work across all key stages and subject areas combining our in house production skills with the expertise and experience of practicing teachers, examiners, and subject matter experts. We produce both physical materials for the classroom as well as websites, apps and offline digital resources which can be freely accessed and used on multiple screens and devices. Here's a sample of some of our products;

Working at curriculum Level

To be able to produce resources which are correctly mapped to curriculum and have a long shelf life it is imperative that as a publisher we understand not only the current curriculum, but that we also understand the timescale and directions in which curriculums evolve and change. Tinint works with curriculum division to help disseminate and communicate framework and assessment processes and changes to the teaching and learning community. We do this by creating simplified visual messaging, exemplification materials, and guidance notes. Examples are;


  • LNF literacy and numeracy guidance materials: Learning Wales
  • Creative learning through the Arts Toolkit: for Arts Council of Wales
  • Understanding the Foundation Phase Profile: Welsh Government
  • Understanding literacy and numeracy tests results: Welsh Government

Working at resource level

At a production level we are one of Wales’ largest publishers of bi-lingual resources for teachers and pupils. Working predominantly in digital but often with accompanying print materials, our products are designed specifically for the target audience of teachers and pupils in both Primary and Secondary education. All our materials are mapped to curriculum and have teacher’s notes helping to integrate the content into lesson planning and delivery. is our home for our resources where you can browse our catalogue. logo



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