Bridging top industry professionals with budding young international reporters to create a uniquely exciting & inspirational environment which delivers on legacy

In 2014 and 2015 we ran a projects in Glasgow and Edinburgh to tie in as a critical legacy projects for the Commonwealth Games and the referendum. We created and ran the events under the brand ‘FutureNEWS’.

We pulled together key partners from Education, Government, Television & Media and the Games organisers to provide a unique opportunity for young people with an interest in journalism to be able to actively report on the games themselves. With unprecedented access to the games venues, the organisers and the athletes; we equipped over 100 young reporters with hardware and software and empowered them to film, record, write and share their experiences with all the responsibility that comes of being a professional journalist.


  • 40,000+ views in 2 weeks
  • 200+ articles published
  • 80 budding editors and reporters
  • 18 countries working together
  • 6 Key partners
  • 1 generation inspired
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