Working together for over 6 years, Tinint has been a major supplier of highly interactive bespoke digital learning content for one of the UK’s largest providers of skills training and employment services. 

Learndirect help millions of people gain the skills they need for work. Digital and distance learning materials are a core component of Learndirect’s services. Over the years we have developed a range of innovate and engaging diagnostic, learning and assessment materials to support qualifications in everyday skills like Maths, English and IT as well as vocational qualifications and Apprenticeships across many industries. Some examples of our projects include;

Number & Letter Diver:
Basic literacy and numeracy skills

A set of 2 apps delivered through Facebook. Primarily designed and delivered as Facebook Apps, each game allows you to take on the role of the character who must dive to find either the correct numbers or letters to complete the sum or spell the word.


Played against the clock and with limited oxygen supplies and sharks as hazards – This project was about engaging the hard to reach low level learners through immersive and competitive gameplay.

Learndirect diver
Letter Diver - Learndirect game

The Apprentice: Skills in Entrepreneurship, Business and negotiation

A series of interactive Learning modules based on the hit television series, ‘The Apprentice’. Covering a range of business critical topics, titled – ‘Negotiating to Win’, ‘Leadership and Management’ and ‘Sales and Presentation Skills’.  Each title opens with an immersive, episodic learning challenge which then manifests itself as specific set of tasks. In this way, users are ‘entertained’ both by the series content (via video clips) and the over-arching scenario.


Learndirect - The Apprentice

Money MOT - Financial Literacy

Delivered at Learning centres across the UK, This is a a modular 3 hour e-Learning course to guide learners through the basics of personal finance. Using a range of interactive tools, Video based scenarios and assessments, Money MOT is packed with practical advice and useful information to help learners make their money go further. They can learn how to choose the right bank account, set up a savings plan, borrow money sensibly and deal with debt.


Learndirect - Money MOT


Working closely with Learndirect project teams and stakeholders, we found particular strength in delivering video heavy content which either depicts real life scenarios learners can relate to or alternatively entertains learners using well known faces and characters from broadcast shows.

Learndirect - Job Skills

Job skills: Personal and social skills in recruitment and employment

A suite of 11 Apps. App 1 is a diagnostic app designed to identify potential skills gaps through a range of carefully worded questions which the learner interacts with to present them with recommendations for areas to improve.

Apps 2-10 deliver light touch learning to raise awareness and techniques in how to present yourself well in a professional environment and how to deal with social scenarios within the workplace.

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