Between 2012 and 2016, Tinint have been working with the Americas Cup Event Authority (ACEA) to manage and distribute the media archive for all broadcast video content. 

Built on our Mediajet platform, Americas Cup have a custom structured and branded web platform which can be accessed to browse and preview publicly available content, as well as controlled access and account management for content downloads.

Main features

  • Responsive front end interface for access on any screen anywhere
  • A searchable gallery of content, tagged by content type and setup ready to filter by category
  • Low-res previewing of content through streamed video
  • SD and HD content stored in multiple formats ready for immediate download across the globe
  • Appended content such as Cue sheets, Media press packs and Still images
  • Life feed services for ACEA staff, sponsors and teams to view via VOD
  • Client side Content Management System to fully manage all account registrations and download permissions
  • Full analytics reporting
America's Cup

Handling 250+ hours of HD content in multiple formats 

We have simultaneously distributed to over 100 Broadcasters worldwide within 3 hours of a completed edit. To compliment this, we managed the back catalogue of archive content from the 34th Cup and serviced and supported ad-hoc requests for archive retrieval.

Portal welcome screen

Americas Cup - Home Screen


Browse by programme view

Americas Cup - Browse by programme


Search results

Americas Cup - Search Results


Programme preview and details

Americas Cup - Sizzle Promo

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