Educational game design & development

Carmarthenshire Youth and Children's Association commissioned Tinopolis Interactive to produce fun, educational games for use as part of the Fit fo Fun project. Phase 1 of the games, based on healthy living sat within the kids zone of the website. The games are fully bilingual and suitable for children between the ages of 2 - 11. Two characters were designed for the game, representing healthy and unhealthy eating:

Fabian - the healthy hero

Designed with healthy body proportions and healthy fruit! Fabian has a Melon for a head, Strawberries for his feet and a lean and athletic body. Fabian is the perfect example of someone who has a healthy, nutritious diet with an active lifestyle.

Dr Slob - the unhealthy villain

Designed by the Fit for Fun website audience! A competition was held inviting children from all ages to send-in their drawings for characters with unhealthy eating habits!

Three winners and their unhealthy creations were chosen. The combination of the three winning characters combine to make Fabian's opponent a real slob! He has a fried edd for an eye, a donut on his horn and a big burger of a belly with cheese hanging from it! He has the head of "Bob", body proportions and facial expression of "Ice Cream Dude" and the burger belly idea of "Mr Burger"!

CYCA character design

Game design

The games were designed as a 3 part series, with each of the games' controls, interactions and difficulty designed for a specific age range.

CYCA Game Design

What was involved

We managed and produced the games in-house from our Llanelli studio. Supporting Carmarthenshire Youth and Children's Association (CYCA) throughout the project from initial conception, through all stages of design and development, to post-launch support with print and electronic marketing/advertising collateral.

  • Character design and artwork
  • 3D modelling, texturing and lighting
  • 3D character rigging and animation
  • Story-boarding
  • UI design and artwork
  • UX development and testing
  • Web-based game programming

We continue to work with the CYCA in the development of further educational material for all age groups, with both online and offline content supporting the strategic goals of the association.

CYCA promotional marketing

Game screens:

Game 1: Food Frenzy | Age 2-3

This uses drag-and-drop controls based on healthy eating. The player is tasked with putting the series of food objects into categories of healthy and unhealthy.


Game 2: Slob's Fast-food fever | Age 4-7

Dr Slob has stolen the plans for the new Fitville sports stadium, the player is challenged to catch him and return the plans before they are used to build a fast-food restaurant.

Game 3: Dinner Dash | Age 8-11

This time, Dr Slob has moved things around in the supermarket to trick people into buying unhealthy food. The challenge is to find the ingredients needed for healthy eating recipes.

Phase 2 of this project involved creating 2 updated games with new environments. Launched 6 months into the project. Dr Slob's Fast Food Fever and the Dinner Dash was adapted to include more of a sports and fitness theme focus, as opposed to food, nutrition and healthy eating.

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