Multi-platform weather services

Now in its third evolution the website is a fully responsive browser based offering of up to the minute weather services and 10 day forecasts. Originally launched in 2010 the site was the UK’s first to offer up to 1km square location accuracy for weather reports. The website was largely a desktop solution to compliment the first generation iOS and android Apps.

Web widget

We developed a standalone embeddable widget so that affiliates and other third party organisations can embed the weather services into their web-pages. This also makes use of the latest HTML5 Geo location services with a fall-back for older browsers using IP lookup for location.

Mobile apps

We developed both mobile and tablet versions of the Tywydd apps for both iOS and android platforms. Having been through 2 iterations of re-design and update releases, we are about to undertake our second major version re-design to offer increased features, better screen optimisation and new levels of data feed accuracy around location services.

S4C Weather

Establishing a long term supplier relationship has allowed us to monitor user behaviour and adapt the design and user experience accordingly. A good example of this is where we moved to a responsive site design with heavy focus on phone and tablet optimisation in anticipation of a switch from some app users. The re-design saw a big upturn in site users through mobile which was a clear benefit, but actually there was no drop in app users.

A practical benefit seen as a result of the project, was the added value we offered in working with the in house team at S4C to enhance their primary website in integrating the weather services and location data. Today, the website and Apps deliver a significant proportion of the total cross channel consumption of S4C’s weather services.

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